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San Jacinto News-Times - Local News
Stories Added - November 2008
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SJC voters favor McCain, Palin
San Jacinto News- Times - November 2008

COLDSPRING – San Jacinto County voters, like the majority of other Texans, favored the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin for U. S. President over Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden. In unoffi cial results, a total of 6,151 votes were cast locally for McCain while Obama received 2,721 votes. Statewide McCain received 55.26 percent of votes cast while Obama got 43.77 percent of the votes cast statewide. Nationwide, Obama and Biden won an historic election for the Democrats and will be sworn into offi ce Jan. 20, 2009. United States Senator John Cornyn (Rep.) won San Jacinto County with 5,418 votes while Richard Noriega (Dem.) got 3,091 local votes. Statewide, Cornyn received 54.66 votes to Noriega’s 42.99 percent, easily returning him to offi ce. U.S. Representative District 8 Kevin Brady (Rep.) won his bid for reelection with 5,392 local votes compared to 2,755 county votes for his Democratic opponent Kent Hargett. District wide, Brady picked up 72.56 percent of the votes while Hargett got 24.77 percent.

Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams (Rep.) won 4,846 county votes while his opponent Mark Thompson (Dem.) took 3,345 county votes. Williams also carried the state with 51.98 percent of the votes to 44.50 percent for Thompson. Republican Van Brookshire carried San Jacinto County with 4,473 votes for State Representative, District 12, while incumbent Jim McReynolds (Dem.) garnered 4,092 local votes. McReynolds, however, went on to win another term with 57.05 percent of the district votes compared to 42.94 percent for Brookshire. Barbara Cargill (Rep.) easily won her bid for re-election with 5,648 local votes. Her opponent Kim Stroman (Lib.) received 1,070 local votes. District wide Cargill won with 85.36 percent of the votes compared to Stroman’s 13.84 percent.


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