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Stories Added - November 2010
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Construction of new community center begins Jan. 1
San Jacinto News- Times

SHEPHERD – Facing a long agenda, Shepherd City Councilmen took action on 10 of the 25 discussion items, tabled or took no action on the remaining 15 and approved a motion on one subject not listed on Monday night’s agenda. Of the six discussion items listed on the agenda under old business, councilmen: • Tabled an agenda item to modify Shepherd Volunteer Fire Department’s lease agreement. • Tabled an agenda item to hire City of Shepherd employees. • Tabled action on the purchase of work order software. The software would cost the city about $1,500 if purchased. The agenda item was tabled for further research of the software. • Tabled action on a city ordinance prohibiting parking from Railroad Avenue to the four-way stop (Loop 424). According to Councilman Waid Williams, Texas Department of Transportation recommends parallel parking along the strip of State Highway 150 to be included in the ordinance. The item was tabled for better study. • Took no action on the demolition of the Shepherd Community Center and the building of a new community center. • Tabled a fee schedule for inspectors, fi re marshal and code enforcer to issue citations. Under the direction of Shepherd Mayor Pro-Tem Sherry Roberts and in the absence of Shepherd Mayor Glenn Dillon, council members heard a report from Shepherd Economic Development Council (EDC) representative Earl Brown who reported that the EDC is completing its new website and waiting for individual photos of council members and city employees to be included. Brown told council members that the EDC has voted to install digital sign in front of city hall. He said the sign comes with a seven-year warranty and will be used for public announcements. Brown said construction of their new building is ready to begin. The building will be rented to businesses. Election of EDC offi cers is complete, he said, and include Waid Williams, Sherry Roberts, Bill Rudolph, Linda Yates and Mayor Glenn Dillon who is treasurer. Although not listed on the city council’s agenda for discussion and/or action, councilman Bill Rudolph presented an agreement with property owners that he said will solve city water problems experienced by some city residents. The agreement, according to Rudolph, will allow the city to connect water lines that extend down two streets and dead end. By obtaining a 10 foot piece of right-of-way, the two lines can be connected, making a loop and thereby, keeping the water flowing. Following Rudolph’s discussion, a motion was made and passed to accept the agreement. Construction on the city’s new community center should begin around Jan 1, according to a report from the city’s engineer. The community center is to be constructed with funds from Hurricane Ike Disaster Recovery Round 1 TCDP grant. The engineer also reported on receiving four competitive bids for the installation of four generators with the lowest bid at a cost of $124,425. The project is budgeted $245,000. He suggested the city take the remaining money not used for generators and put into the building of the community center if allowed by the grant people. Under new business, council members voted to award the city’s depository to People’s State Bank. A motion was passed to approve the 2010 appraisal roll for the City of Shepherd. According to the San Jacinto County Appraisal District, property in the incorporated area of the city is valued at $66.7 million. Councilmen voted to take bids on the installation of a fence around the Shepherd Community Center Park. Vandalism has cost the city about $100,000 over the past four years, according to Councilman Williams. A fence to help deter the vandalism would cost about $30,000, he said. A motion to purchase 50 parking barricades to be installed around the city pavilion failed for lack of a second. A motion was approved for San Jacinto County Pct. 2 Commissioner Royce Wells to demolish and haul off the Tribe House. “He will have it done before he leaves office,” said Councilman Williams. Wells leaves office in December. A motion to chip and seal Woodland Lakes 1 and 2, Beeson Avenue and Dirden Road died for lack of a second. Installation of a 200 watt service pole and eight outlets in Shepherd’s Library Park was awarded to Homer Bullock. Among other agenda items tabled included: • Action to open Parker Lane, Ross and Second Street and Forth Street and Ross. • A discussion and vote to award Timmy Richardson, Jody Charles and Royce Wells for recovery of the city’s stolen trailer was tabled and moved to executive session as a personnel item. • No action was taken to purchase Texas Municipal League directories for each council member. • Tabled was action on a contract for city water meter reading. Tommy Saunders, of Livingston, presented a bid of $1.25 per meter to read the city’s approximate 1,000 meters. Another bid came in at $1.15 per meter. The city’s inhouse cost is 97-cents. • Action was tabled on a decision to utilize the Texas Department of Correction’s Community Service Department for the City of Shepherd. • Tabled was action on the role of council members in directing the actions of city employees.


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