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35 mph speed limit to be extended in Coldspring


COLDSPRING – A new speed limit was given approval by Coldspring City Council members Monday night. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) ordinance establishing a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour (mph) from downtown Coldspring west on Highway 150, past Brookshire Brother’s Grocery to Brumley Street was approved by council members. Road signs with the new speed limits will be installed possibly within the next few weeks, according to the council. Amendments to the city’s 2012 general fund budget and sewer and maintenance fund budget were approved. In the city’s general fund budget, a contingency fund totaling $195,313 was added, bringing the city’s total expenses from $119,330 to $314,643 for 2012. The total income in the city’s general fund budget for 2012 is $314,643. In the city’s sewer and maintenance fund budget for 2012 an amendment totaling $50,500, up from $20,286, was added to maintenance parts supplies bringing the new total expenses to $152,057, up from the original budget of $136,928. The total income for the sewer and maintenance fund budget for 2012 was $136,928, leaving the budget in the deficit by $15,129. Following amendments to the city’s 2012 budget, council members approved the proposed 2013 general fund budget, the hotel-motel tax fund budget and the sewer and maintenance fund budget. The 2013 total income and expenses amount to $314,643 in the general fund, the same as the 2012 budget. Expenses in the 2013 general fund include $1,800 for taxes and payroll; $19,695 for payroll; $60,000 for street maintenance; $9,100 for audits; $2,000 Coldspring Youth League; $2,500 Coldspring Volunteer Fire Department; $4,000 election expenses; $2,560 for electricity; $6,200 for lawn fees; $9,325 for the Coldspring Library and $1,200 for water. The total income and expenses for the city’s hotel-motel tax fund budget amounts to $1,000. Of the $1,000, the Coldspring Chamber of Commerce receives $500 and the San Jacinto County Historical Commission receives $500. The total income and expenses for sewer and maintenance fund budget for 2013 amounts to $136,928. Among the expenses are $30,000 for a licensed operator; $25,000 for electricity; $20,286 for maintenance, parts and supplies; $18,000 for sludge hauling and $10,000 for water. Following executive session, the city secretary was given a salary increase, four week’s vacation, five sick days and a Christmas bonus for 2013.


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