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Republicans sweep local county races


COLDSPRING – San Jacinto County Republicans took over county government Tuesday night, beating Democratic incumbents in all but one position on the ballot and that Democratic position failed throughout the three-county district it serves. San Jacinto County native and 411th Judicial District Judge Robert Hill Trapp was favored here with 4,859 votes while his Republican opponent Kaycee Jones got 4,496 local votes. However, Jones won the position with 10,944 votes in Polk County and 2,976 votes from Trinity County while Trapp had 7,223 votes from Polk County and 2,964 votes from Trinity County. The 411th Judicial District covers San Jacinto, Polk and Trinity counties. District wide votes for Jones total 18,415 compared to 15,046 district wide votes for Trapp. San Jacinto County Sheriff James Walters (Rep) took 54.13 percent of the total votes cast in that race while his Democratic opponent David Clark received 4,333 votes (45.87 percent). Kelly Selmer (Rep) won 5,107 votes (55.12 percent) to beat Democratic incumbent Betty McKinzie Davis for San Jacinto County Tax Assessor-Collector. Davis had a total of 4,159 votes (44.88 percent). Ray McCoppin (Rep) beat Democratic incumbent Laddie McAnally for the San Jacinto County Precinct 1 Commissioner’s seat. McCoppin got 1,273 votes (56.35 percent) while McAnally received 986 votes (43.65 percent). In the San Jacinto County Precinct 3 commissioner’s race Republican Thomas Bonds won with 1,238 votes (50.63 percent) to beat Democratic incumbent James “Butch” Moody who got 1,207 (49.37 percent). Unopposed candidates Roy Rogers took 1,299 votes for Pct. 1 Constable and Roy Pippin took 1,046 votes for Pct. 2 Constable. In the Pct. 3 Constable’s race Sam Houston (Rep) won with 1,402 votes while his Democratic opponent had 1,051 votes. The only Democratic candidate that was returned to office in the county-wide races is Pct. 4 Constable Alvin Wyatt who won 1,823 votes. His opponent Wade Runnels (Rep) got 1,173 votes. OTHER RACES For U.S. President, San Jacinto County voters favored Mitt Romney with 7,105 and Barack Obama with 2,410 votes. Just before midnight Tuesday, Gov. Romney congratulated President Obama on his win, wishing him well and offering his prayers to the President. Early results indicated Obama won reelection with 301 electoral votes while Romney had 200. U.S. Representative, District 8 Kevin Brady (Rep) won his bid for reelection district wide. In San Jacinto County he got 6,837 votes (73.29 percent) while his Democratic opponent Neil Burns got 2,315 votes (24.82 percent). Issuing a statement late Tuesday night, Brady said, “Because I’ve never moved to Washington, voters know I never forget who I work for. Representing our communities in Congress is a privilege and I’m very thankful to my constituents for sending me back to work for them. I’ll continue to fight for a stronger economy, lower taxes, balanced budget, secure border and greater freedom from the growing threat of big government. “America is standing at a precarious point. The President and Congress simply can’t keep ducking the tough issues. We need to act now - right now - to tackle America’s dangerous debt crisis, reform our oppressive tax code and find real solutions to preserve Social Security and Medicare for every generation without raising taxes. “The U.S. House has already approved good ideas and sound solutions. All we need are a Senate and a President with the political will to work with us to get the job done – now.” In San Jacinto County a total of 9,722 ballots were cast. Of those, a total of 3,078 straight party Republican votes were cast and a total 1,447 straight party ballots were cast by the Democrats.


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