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County judge named in civil suit with son
San Jacinto News- Times

COLDSPRPING – San Jacinto County Judge Frederick “Fritz” Eugene Faulkner, Sr., denies all material allegations contained in a civil suit fi led against him in the 411th Judicial District Court Aug. 2. Faulkner Sr., and his son, Frederick Eugene Faulkner, Jr., were named in the civil suit which alleges that Faulkner Sr. entrusted a motor vehicle he owned to his son who was the operator of the vehicle at the time of a collision that killed Terry Maher Thompson on May 8, 2011. The suit, fi led by Ruphley Earl McKinney, who was a passenger in Thompson’s vehicle at the time of the accident, states that Faulkner Sr., “knew or should have known that his son was an “incompetent, unsafe, reckless driver and was likely to operate a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner.” According to the suit, Faulkner Jr., was unlicensed at the time of the accident, having had his driving privileges taken away by the State of Texas which fact was known by his father. “Despite such knowledge, Faulkner Sr. allowed Faulkner Jr. to drive a vehicle owned by Faulkner Sr.,” the suit states. In his suit, McKinney claims that the acts and omissions by Faulkner Sr. were the proximate cause of his injuries and damages. Faulkner Sr. filed an answer to McKinney’s suit on Aug. 26, denying allegations against him in the suit, stating that on the grounds that McKinney failed to specifically plead the maximum amount of damages claimed in his lawsuit required by law, that McKinney should be required to plead and specifically allege the total amount of damages he seeks to recover in the suit. Represented by Larry J. Simmons, Beaumont, Faulkner Sr. is requesting a trial by jury. “McKinney was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck head-on by Faulkner, Jr. while traveling on the wrong side of the road in a vehicle owned by Faulkner Sr. McKinney received serious injuries due to the negligence of the Faulkner’s,” the suit against the father and son states. The suit seeks recovery of damages that McKinney is entitled to receive as compensation for the severe personal injuries sustained in the May 8, 2011, as a result of the Faulkner’s negligence. According to the suit, Faulkner, Jr., “failed to maintain a proper lookout; failed to maintain proper control of the vehicle he was driving; failed to drive in a single lane; was traveling at a rate of speed greater than that at which an ordinary and prudent person would have driven under the same or similar circumstances; failed to timely apply the brakes; failed to turn the vehicle to avoid the collision; was driving the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; and driving while his license was invalid.” McKinney is represented by Brian L. Jensen, Bellaire.


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