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Free workshop planned at Chung Tai Retreat Center
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SHEPHERD -- Chung Tai International Retreat Center will start a new Zen meditation program beginning October 1, 2011. This program meets every Saturday afternoon between 3 and 5 pm. It is designed to accommodate all levels of practitioners and meditators. The first hour of each session is divided into two parts - a 30 minute sitting meditation and a 15-minute walking meditation. The second hour is for Zen talk and open discussion. This program is instructed and guided by two of Chung Tai’s most experienced and skillful masters – Ven. Master Jian Zong and representative at 1-800-458- 0381. Sam Houston EC received its charter May 16, 1939, and has been providing electricity to East Texas ever since. The Cooperative was founded by a handful of farmers and rural residents who dreamed of bringing “power to the people.” In the early 1940s, there were just over 600 Co-op members. Today, Sam Houston EC serves 51,000 members and 67,000 meters across parts of 10 counties. Ven. Master Jian Gong. Ven. Master Jian Zong, ordained in 1998, is appointed as the first abbot of Chung Tai International Retreat Center in 2010. He is also the abbot of Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston since 2008. Ven. Master Jian Zong frequently teaches Zen meditation, gives Zen talks and directs Zen meditation retreats in major cities as well as at universities across the United States. He is a well-liked speaker in the Houston community and is often interviewed and quoted by local news media. Ven. Master Jian Gong, ordained in 1995, is appointed as the director of Chung Tai International Retreat Center in 2009. Ven. Master Jian Gong has taught Zen meditation and directed Zen meditation retreat in Taiwan and in US for around 15 years. He is also a well-received director for conducting youth Zen meditation retreat programs. Zen meditation has been practiced for more than two thousand years to help develop insight into the challenges of life in order to gain clarity, peace of mind, and ultimate wisdom. It is known to be very effective to alleviate the negative impact of stress, anxiety and anger. “This is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn the insight of this ancient treasure, to experience the power of Zen meditation and to find out how it can help to enrich and improve the quality of your life. You’re welcome to join these two very experienced and skillful Zen masters and visit Chung Tai International Retreat Center,” said a Chung Tai International Retreat Center spokesperson. For more information, please contact: Chung Tai International Retreat Center; 100 Chung Tai Road; Shepherd, Texas 77371; (936) 365-2451 or (936) 365- 2454; www.ctcmusa.org


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