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City council reviews budgets


SHEPHERD – Budgets for the City of Shepherd, Shepherd Volunteer Fire Departments, Shepherd Library and the Shepherd Economic Development Corporation were discussed Monday night during a regular meeting of city council. During public input, the Shepherd Volunteer Fire Department and Shepherd Library went over proposed budgets for the coming year with council members. Fifty percent of the Shepherd Volunteer Fire Department’s budget is funded by the city, while the city funds the Shepherd Library budget. For the coming year, the city will provide funding in the amount of about $60,000 for the Shepherd Library and will provide $35,000 in funds to the Shepherd Volunteer Fire Department, according to Shepherd Mayor Glenn Dillon. Shepherd EDC’s budget shows a fund balance of $61,000, which includes $78,000 in revenues and $16,700 in expenses. The EDC is funded by a 1/2-cent city sales tax. Dillon gave an update of the city’s Utility Fund saying revenues in the Utility Fund were estimated to be $537,517 for 2012; however, the actual budget is $600,001 for a deficit variance of $62,484 in 2012. “It’s (Utility Fund Budget) going to be tough for the coming year,” Dillon said. Reviewing the city’s 2012 General Fund Budget, Dillon said it looks better. “We’re right about where we thought in revenues,” Dillon said, saying that sales tax revenue for the year has been higher. The General Fund Budget for 2012 has revenues totaling $409,900, down from the estimated $411,407. The city is proposing to have $402,700 budgeted in revenues for 2013. Total expenditures for 2012 in the General Fund amount to $709,900, which includes $300,000 in the budget for street repairs. The city’s estimated budget for 2012 totaled $390,532. The 2013 proposed budget totals $711,900 in expenditures. “We’re doing pretty well. We’re close to having a balanced budget in the General Fund,” Dillon said. Dillon is proposing a tax rate of .26-cents per $100 valuation to fund the 2013 budget, the same as last year’s tax rate. The city has scheduled a public hearing to adopt the city budget, the Shepherd Economic Development Corporation budget and to set the tax rate for fiscal year 2012-2013. The meeting will be held Monday, Sept. 24, at 7 p.m. in the Shepherd Community Center. In other business, council members discussed collecting delinquent occupancy taxes owed by Raj Dalwadi. According to Dillon, a demand letter was sent to Dalwadi last Friday for the $10,078.80 owed the city from hotel occupancy taxes. “If we haven’t heard from him by the end of business this Friday, Sept. 14, we will amend the pleadings already on file and set the case to go to trial,” Dillon said. “We filed a law suit against him over a year ago and that is still pending because it’s not been paid,” Dillon said. No action was taken on an agenda item regarding the cleaning of the Shepherd Community Center. Council members appointed Bobby Carter as election judge and set his pay rate at $10 per hour and clerks at $8 per hour, the same pay rates as last year


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