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Recorder to help San Jac, Polk counties


LIVINGSTON – With a grant of equipment and labor from the Lower Trinity GCD and the Texas Water Development Board Blake Neffendorf and David Garcia (Texas Water Development Board, completed the installation of the real time aquifer recorder well for the Lower Trinity Ground GCD, which includes Polk and San Jacinto counties. The well is located about 10 miles east of Livingston and just south of 190 E. in Polk County. Lake Livingston WSSC donated the use of the well to the district as a recorder well. The well was originally drilled Nov. 28, 1999, at a depth of 665 ft. and a water level of 190 ft. Boyd Mc- Daniels with LLWSSSC of Livingston pulled the pipe and pump from the water well prior to the installation of the recorder well equipment. The recorder well downloads the Gulf Coast Aquifer level at this well site in Polk County each day. The daily aquifer level can be observed at the Polk and San Jacinto County location at the Recorder Map link: http://www.twdb.texas. froundwater/datawaterlevel. asp. The Lower Trinity GCD measures water levels in about 25 wells on an annual basis. A few of these wells have been measured since the 1940s, which help determine the aquifer level status in Polk and San Jacinto counties. With the new system, the district is now part of a growing network of monitoring stations throughout Texas providing real time feedback on the health of Texas groundwater. Monitoring activities, coupled with registration of all water wells in Polk and San Jacinto counties help the district establish the availability and need of groundwater in our district. Since 2008, there have been 718 water wells registered in the district. Well registration helps establish groundwater need, ensuring that the water is not redistributed to other areas in the state. It also helps ensure that the district maintains proper spacing between wells so each well is not pulled dry by a new well. The application fee for registering a well is $50, which is refunded when the district receives a copy of the Texas Well Drillers report. The state approved, District Ground Water Management Plan long-term goal is to have a sufficient supply of water for many years to come for all groundwater users in Polk and San Jacinto counties. The Lower Trinity GCD website is www.ltgcd.org.


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