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Trapp honored by constituents


COLDSPRING – “We’re going to miss him,” remarked San Jacinto County Judge Fritz Faulkner on the retirement of 411th Judicial District Judge Robert Hill Trapp. A retirement party was hosted in Trapp’s honor Dec. 17 by the district clerk’s office in the San Jacinto County Courthouse lobby. Faulkner presented a plaque thanking Trapp for his service and a gift for a painting of his likeness that will be commissioned to be hung on the wall of the district courtroom as county officials, friends and family celebrated his career and retirement. Presenting the plaque to Trapp, Faulkner joked about hanging his picture on the wall, saying that all the photos were usually only displayed in the courtroom after the judges were deceased. On a more serious note, Faulkner, who attended law school with Trapp said, “He has been a great judge and a best friend.” Commenting to those in attendance, Trapp said he tried the last capital murder case in the county and that defendant was later executed. ”I’m glad to have had a rich history in the courthouse. My family has a rich history here and I love the area,” Trapp said. Trapp’s long-time court coordinator, Carol Murry, was also recognized for her service to Judge Trapp and to the county with a plaque. “It’s been great working for him. He is a very special person,” Murry said. Both are retiring Jan. 1 when Republican Kaycee L. Jones, of Polk County, will be sworn-in as the 411th Judicial District Judge, serving San Jacinto, Polk and Trinity counties. Trapp’s career in the county courthouse started in 1984 as county attorney where he served until 1990. From 1990 until 1995 he served as criminal district attorney. He presided over the 411th Judicial District Court since his appointment by former Governor George W. Bush in Nov. 1995. Although he will be retiring from the 411th Judicial District, Trapp said he will continue to be busy, working as a visiting judge. “I’ve already been assigned several cases,” he said. Concerning rumors that he will run as San Jacinto County Criminal District Attorney in 2014, Trapp said. “It’s been discussed with me by several people but at this time I will wait and see.”


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