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Faulkner gets three years


COLDSPRING – Frederick "Bubba" Faulkner was sentenced to serve three years confinement in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice last week during the sentencing phase of his hearing. Retired Senior District Judge James Keeshan, Conroe, handed down the sentence following testimony from several witnesses called by Montgomery County prosecutors. Faulkner was indicted for manslaughter in 2012, following an accident involving a near head-on collision on Hwy. 156 with another vehicle driven by Terry Maher Thompson on May 8, 2011. Thompson was killed in the accident. A passenger in Thompson's vehicle, Ruphley Earl McKinney, suffered injuries and later filed a civil suit against Faulkner and Faulkner's father. Following his indictment, Faulkner entered a plea of no contest to a second-degree charge of manslaughter. Because Faulkner is the son of San Jacinto County Judge Fritz Faulkner, San Jacinto County Criminal District Attorney Richard Countiss disqualified himself from the case and Judge Keeshan was appointed to the bench with prosecutors from the Montgomery County District Attorneys office in charge of prosecuting the case. McKinney testified during the sentencing hearing, commenting on his relationship with Thompson. Also testifying was Thompson's son, Robert Harrell. When asked if he felt Faulkner should be punished for the accident, Harrell said, "Yes," adding that we need to face the consequences of our decisions. During testimony, probation officer for the 258th Judicial District Court Adrian Gonzalez said that Faulkner had been on probation for a DWI starting in 2010. He said that Faulkner was required to be employed but during a portion of his probation he was unemployed. In statements made after the sentencing, Faulkner's attorney Faulkner From page 1 Michael L. Davis said, "The sentencing hearing concludes the case brought against Bubba Faulkner stemming from the tragic motor vehicle accident of May 2011. "Today's sentence brings this matter to a conclusion. The sentence also serves to dispel the rumors and allegations of special treatment for Bubba Faulkner being put forth without any knowledge by political opponents of Bubba's father, Judge Fritz Faulkner, County Judge of San Jacinto County, Texas. "The cause of the accident was determined to be a high rate of speed by the Defendant. Despite unfounded rumors, alcohol was unequivocally determined not to be a cause of the accident. Trooper William Clark testified that Bubba Faulkner was not impaired in any way at the time of the accident."


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