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Court supports Texas Bottle Bill


COLDSPRING – San Jacinto County adopted a resolution authorizing support for passage of State Legislation establishing refundable deposits on all aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers sold in the State of Texas. According to the resolution approved by the court, beverage containers waste is a major source of pollution on county roads and waterways, with taxpayers bearing the brunt of the cleanup cost. Refundable deposits offer a financial incentive to recycle beverage containers. States with deposit laws have overall recycle rates of 70 – 80 percent and Texas overall recycle rate is about 24 percent. Refundable deposits create job growth in the collection, hauling, processing and remanufacturing of recyclable materials, and refundable deposits compliment existing curbside and other local recycling programs. Schools and non-profit organizations are provided fund raising opportunities through container drives and refundable deposits establish convenient recycling for consumers throughout the state. The court approved the sale of a seized coin collection through Rene Bates Auctions. The coin collection has a face value of about $1,800 which will be the opening bid. "Some of the coins date back to the 1700's," said San Jacinto County Judge Fritz Faulkner. Commissioners authorized advertising for bids for the new county shelter project under the General Land Office Hurricane Ike I amended program. The proposed building is about 10,000 square feet and will be constructed next to the county jail on Hwy. 150. The county plans on saving money on the project by doing the dirt work. "We've been working on this project 2-3 years. It's been going on long enough. We need to all get together and get it done," said Pct. 2 Commissioner Donny Marrs. Marrs stressed that local businesses need to be given the opportunity to bid on the projects. Commissioners also authorized advertising for bids on the General Land Office Hurricane Ike I (amended) project for package 5 generators. The generators will be standby generators for Shepherd, Camilla, Waterwood and Oakhurst volunteer fire departments and for the waste water plant at Lake Oaks Landing. A resolution was approved for the submission of a grant application for the Violence against Women Investigator Grant. The grant helps pay for the salary of the county Violence against Women investigator. Commissioners voted to approve a contract with Deep East Texas Council of Governments for a grant to purchase a pickup to be used in trash pickups and recycling. The grant is about $16,000 with the remainder of the cost of the pickup to be paid by the county. Pct. 1 Commissioner Ray McCoppin, Debra Turner and Kimberly Wooley were appointed to serve on the Fair Housing Activity Statement Committee. "These appointments are required by the State of Texas to be eligible to apply for state grants," said Faulkner. Commissioners approved a motion to repair the county right-of-way at A.J. Murray Road in Precinct 3. This will be done at no cost to the county, according to Pct. 3 Commissioner Thomas Bonds. No action was taken on an agenda item requesting additional funds in the San Jacinto County Criminal District Attorney's budget.


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