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Theft of road signs costing tax money


COLDSPRING – San Jacinto County Pct. 1 Commissioner Ray McCoppin is asking for the public's help in curbing the theft of road signs. "County road signs are very important for emergency services to locate where assistance is needed. Theft or vandalism of road signs can cause delays or inability of emergency services to find the location where the service is needed," McCoppin said. "These delays could cost someone their life." The exact cost of a life is hard to measure but the repairing or replacement of signs can be, according to McCoppin. "The cost of one sign that has all of the normal components at a county road intersection is about $230 to replace. The cost of repair can vary depending on the damage is from $36 to $250 and Precinct 1 has 200 roads and over 100 miles of county maintained roads," McCoppin said. There are also a lot of other signs that are maintained by the county, including Stop, Dead End, No Dumping, Slow Children Playing, Yield and Speed Limit signs. Signs also wear out, or become non-reflective and need to be replaced at times due to sun fading and weathering; this also can be very expensive, according to McCoppin. "If every sign in San Jacinto County, Precinct 1 was to need repair or replacement it could consume over 50 percent of the total Precinct 1 budget for the year," McCoppin said. "Please respect the road signs because they are there for your safety and the safety of others. If you see signs being damaged or stolen, this is a crime and can be reported to the sheriff's office at 936-653- 4367 or 911. You can also report missing signs after the fact to your local precinct offices," McCoppin said. "So the next time you stop at a corner and see someone vandalizing our signs, please report it and help us all save our tax dollars."


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