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Brady talks about immigration, health care...


COLDSPRING — Citing Homeland Security as a top priority, U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, told a group of citizens in Coldspring last Thursday the "immigration system is broken." The Republican-majority House of Representatives and Senate are at odds over how to keep the money flowing, according to Brady. "The Senate needs to learn to comp a way to not allow funding to lapse for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)," Brady said. Funding for DHS is set to expire Feb. 27. "The House passed a bill to fully fund DHS at its highest level ever. The vote would stop President Barack Obama's order that would allow illegal immigrants in the United States to get work permits, collect Social Security and Medicare and also gain tax credits," Brady said. "The bill has been in the Senate for a month. It needs 60 votes to begin debate and five times it has been blocked from debating for lack of 60 votes," Brady said. "I would like to see them change the 60 vote rule to a majority," Brady said, adding, "the American public is with us." Brady said the president should not try to go around Congress in an attempt to address immigration. "No president, including this one, has the right to make up laws if they choose, or choose to ignore others they don't like." Stating the House is off to a good start with the largest House majority in 80 years, Brady cited jobs for the middle class and helping people harmed by Affordable Care mandates are also among top "Keystone is about bolstering energy security and making our lives better and the jobs that come with it," Brady said. Another action aimed at putting American citizens back to work is getting the 40-hour work week restored. Addressing the issues of the president's Affordable Care Act (ACA), Brady said the House has voted to again repeal the ACA "because it's wrong for the people" and replace it with patient-centered health care. "We're moving very quickly to help people who have been harmed by Affordable Care,"Brady said. "With Senate Democrats blocking debate and President Obama vowing to veto the bill, experts have predicted repeal and replace will have to wait until 2017 and a Republican president," he said. Brady said they would be returning to Washington Monday and taking up the budget. "We're going to have an awfully busy month," he said. "What's wrong with the economy is the president wants to grow Washington's economy. We want to grow San Jacinto County's." Brady said he would like to see the sales tax bill restored as well as the research and development tax credit. "Texas has fallen to 27th place in research and development," he said. "We have to start paying down the national debt," Brady said, adding, "I think it is a mistake to hollow out our military. This is not the time to cut defense budgets. I am not going to deplete our military." Opening the floor for questions from the audience, Brady responded to a question concerning a flat tax. "It's a move forward, a move in the right direction," Brady said, adding, "The fairest way is a retail sales tax." Brady said anything would be better than the current IRS methods. A question regarding the establishment of the Sharia Law in Texas was answered with Brady saying, "Sharia Law has no place here." Brady said he doesn't have to agree with the traditions and values of Islam, adding, "They have that constitutional right in reference to religious liberty in America." Referencing the Veteran's Administration (VA), Brady said, "We have a long way to go on the VA. We have good people in the VA, but in some areas they almost treat veterans nescience. "Our veterans deserve everything we can give them," Brady said. Brady said he fought for a new VA facility in Conroe, tripling the size, adding more doctors and nurses and serving more medical needs. "The new facility offers good health care close to home," he said.


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