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Real property records now available on-line


COLDSPRING -- The San Jacinto Count Clerk's office announces a new service for customers. Records are now offered online at www.texaslandrecords. com. "Anyone can now go to that website and freely search our indexed Real Prooperty records back to 1984, and there is a charge to view or print," said San Jacinto County Clerk Dawn Wright. You will be able to view and print any docoument availablee in the on-line system. These on-line documents are unofficial copies, but can be used for verification, personal or professional records, documentation backup, or any other use. For access to documents not included in the on-line system, visit the county clerk's office. Commercial users will be charged a flat montly feeper user to view and document available on-line. To become a commercial user, fill out the registration form, choose a member ID and passsword for future visits. To view any image you will be charged for the entire document at the rate of $1 per page. You will be able to see the number of pages on the results screen before viewing the document. While viewing the document, you can print one page or multiple pages for no additional charge. Please contact or visit the county clerk's office for a certified copy of a document. Copies printed on-line cannot be certified by the county clerk.


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