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Court approves motion to vacate easement


COLDSPRING — San Jacinto County Commissioners' Court approved an application to close, abandon and vacate a portion of a dedicated roadway easement on the southern rightof- way of Commanche Road in Waterwood last week. Apparently representing two Oakhurst men in obtaining the approximate seven acres of right-of-way, Point Blank attorney Greg Magee told the court that Pct. 4 Commissioner Mark Nettuno would not take part in voting for or against the agenda item because of his relationship to one of the Oakhurst residents he is representing. According to Magee, Commanche Road, also known as Commanche Parkway, was platted 40 years ago as a two road parkway by Horizon, developers of Waterwood Subdivision. The road extends from Waterwood Parkway to FM 946 North. "The county owns none of the easement," Magee said. Horizon stopped development of the subdivision and deplatted the road easement, according to Magee. "A deplatted easement goes back to the original owners of the property," Magee said. "Since 1970 no one has been paying taxes on the property." San Jacinto County Judge Fritz Faulkner said a 60-foot road easement will be left which ensures that no one is denied access to their property. Magee told the court that what is being done simply amounts to paperwork to help the tax assessor-collector know where to send tax statements in the future. "There is no interference with anybody's established rights so the court can close the southern right-of-way of Commanche Road with the county retaining a 60-foot right-ofway for the road," Faulkner reiterated. In other business, the court approved out-of-state training for seven San Jacinto County deputies as requested by Sheriff Greg Capers. Capers said air fair, lodging and meals are all federally funded, costing the county nothing for 14 days of training. The officers will receive their training at a military base in Alabama. "The only cost will be getting them to and from the airport," Capers said. While Pct. 4 Commissioner Nettuno expressed concern about seven of the county's 18 deputies being gone for 14 days, Capers said he has it covered. "Reserve deputies will pick up while they are in training. Eventually I want every officer to go through this training," Capers said. The court approved a request from Commissioner Nettuno to place 30 mph speed signs on Hidden Cove Road in Precinct 4. "We just repaved the road and are now getting calls about speeders," Nettuno said. A motion was approved to accept a solid waste project contract in the amount of $16,000 with Deep East Texas Council of Governments for the purchase of a bailer for the county's compactor sites. Also approved by the court was a motion to purchase 12,000 cubic yards of recycled asphalt pavement from Texas Department of Transportation. Each of the county's four commissioners is to pay $63,000 for the road material for a total of $252,000. The court also approved a 36-month lease agreement for about 27 new copiers for the county at just under $40,000. tween the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and the county. *Approved a motion to apply for the 2015-2016 Texas Community Development Block Grant Program. Speaking to commissioners, Judge Faulkner said, "You will need to set up your priority list and whatever you feel is most needed." *Approved the purchase of first aid kits for the county's sanitation departments with a $425 annual rewards funds from Texas Association of Counties. *Approved the purchase of a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor at $6,000 for the sheriff's department. Commissioners also approved the following: *Approved an inter-local agreement between the county and the City of Shepherd for road maintenance. "Nothing has changed. It's the same as in years past," said Pct. 2 Commissioner Donny Marrs. *Approved a motion to keep the standard mileage rates for travel reimbursement at 55.5 cents. *Approved the appointment of Rebecca Hammond as San Jacinto County Historical Society Chairman for 2015-2016 and Barbara Shelton, who was chairman, as vice-chairman. *Approved an inter-local cooperation act contract to provide health care services be-


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