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Deputy Sheriff honored for 'devotion to duty'
San Jacinto News Times


By Megan Whitworth

Deputy Sheriff Cody Hardy, of the San Jacinto County Sheriff 's Office, received a letter of commendation for his "devotion to duty and willingness to excel by performing his duties above the norm, showed that his moral compass is intact and pointed in the right direction" after he responded to a harassment call in the Shephed area on Jan. 21. Upon arriving on the scene in late January, Hardy was able to settle the situation and resolve the dispute. While upon the scene, the Deputy was able to ascertain the true nature of the conflict, and took it upon himself to resolve the issue by his own means. One party involved had been financially and physically devastated by last year's Hurricane Harvey disaster. The spouse of one party had been paralyzed and no assistance had been give medically or fiancially to the couple involved. It was discovered by Hardy that they were down to a "half box of crackers" to sustain themselves. Being emotionally distraught and physically drained, the couple was at wits end. Hardy resolved to contribute to their wellbeing as best he could by going to the local super market and purchasing the couple ample food to sustain them until additional means could be found. Sheriff Greg Capers said Hardy spent about $100 of his money to help the family in need. Hardy received the letter of commendation for his actions from Lieutenant R. Alexander and Capers at the end of January. The Sheriff said he presented it to Hardy "as a token of my appreciation for him stepping out and doing the right thing. "This unsolicited act of kindness simplifies the moral objectives of the type of deputies I am trying to retain here within the San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office," Capers said.


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