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Problems continue to plague construction at community shelter


COLDSPRING – Still faced with construction issues, members of the San Jacinto County Commissioners' Court took time out of their regular court meeting last week to do an onsite inspection of work problems found at the county's new community shelter under construction with engineer Pat Oates of Goodwin-Lasiter, Inc., Lufkin. "My main concern is it leaks. We want to make sure the insulation and Sheetrock and other materials are replaced that have gotten wet," said San Jacinto County Judge Fritz Faulkner. "Someone (contractors) got ahead of themselves and Sheetrock and insulation the was completed, leading to a lot of damaged work from recent rains that must be replaced," he said. "This will be done at the contractor's expense." Faulkner said previous structural issues have been resolved, according to the county's engineer Pat Oates. Speaking of the county's contractor, Mega Prime's Dick Hogan, Faulkner said, "It's better to keep our eyes on him until its (work) done. It's better to keep going with him than to face law suits." Other issues that have popped up recently with the contractor is a water line that should not have been connected to the fire compression system and an unpaid water bill with San Jacinto Special Utility District. According to San Jacinto County Pct. 1 Commissioner Ray McCoppin, the water company cut the water supply off to the construction site because the water bill had not been paid. "There is a $5,932 balance due. Once it is paid they (water company) will come over and tap in," McCoppin said. "It is blocking us from making progress because the water bill is not paid." "The contractor is asking for 65 percent of the water budget to take care of the water issues," said engineer Oates. "The money is still in the budget to pay the water bill. I don't know why it hasn't been done," Faulkner said. Pct. 2 Commissioner Donnie Marrs accused Oates of still, "making changes without notifying us." Winona Sweeten 1926 - 2014 Obituaries From Page 7 "I always try to use the best judgment in making changes, exercising our past experience. It's our responsibility to make judgment calls," Oates said. Last January it was noted that anchor bolts were not installed correctly; however, it was several months later that the problem was brought to the attention of commissioners' court. "We started immediately to get the anchor bolt problems corrected and didn't notify you. We were already addressing the issue when the court found out," Oates said. "It should have been fixed as soon as it was found. I think you need someone (inspector) on the job every day from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. until the job is finished," Marrs said. About $772,052 has already been spent on the approximate $1.9 million building. Two payment requests are pending totaling $361,826, according to McCoppin. "They still have an awful lot of things to do," Oates said. According to the county's contract, construction should have been completed in about eight months from last July, depending on the weather. "Any extended time should be contingent on performance and not on promises," said David Waxman, consultant for the project.


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