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Trinity Standard - Local News
Stories Added - August 2009
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Help sought in catching burglars
Trinity Standard - August 2009

TRINITY – Trinity police were asking for help from area residents to stop a rash of burglaries occurring in the northwest quadrant of the city.
According to Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones, since Jan. 1 there have been nine break-ins reported in what is classified as “Section 1” of the city with suspects either identified or arrested in only four of them.
“Right now we have five unsolved burglaries and we would like the people of the area to help us close these cases,” Jones said.
“People see things, they hear things and they know things. If they will pass this information on to us, we can make even more arrests and stop some of these burglaries,” he said.
Jones said tips can be made by calling the police department at 594-2505 or by calling the Trinity County Crime Stoppers program at 642-2334.
“Crime Stoppers will pay up to a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of a suspect; plus it’s completely anonymous. The calls are now answered in Canada so there is no chance that someone’s voice will be recognized,” he added.
Callers giving tips to Crime Stoppers need to be sure and write down the identification number and tip number they will be given. If the information does lead to an arrest, these numbers will be used to pay out the reward.
“We have been getting tips from Crime Stoppers but we can always use more. We follow up on every lead that we receive, so good information from Crime Stoppers tips can and does lead to an arrest,” the police chief said.
Jones noted that for reporting purposes, his department has divided the city into four “sections” which are divided by the north-south route of U.S. Highway 19 and the east-west lines created by U.S. Highway 94 and FM 230.
Section 1 is the northwest quadrant, Section 2 is the northeast area, Section 3 is in the southwest and Section 4 covers the southeast.
“Right now, 44 percent of all of our active (unsolved) burglary investigations are in Section 1,” Jones said.
Section 2 had the second highest level at 28 percent while Section 3 was listed with 22 percent and Section 4 with only 6 percent.
On Monday, Aug. 3, Jones said police received reports of two Section 1 burglaries – one at the Calvary Baptist Church on Highway 94 and another at a residence on Boston Street near its intersection with Aspen.
The break-in at the church was the second reported there this summer, with thieves gaining entrance through a window and then vandalizing the inside of the building.
They also ransacked the church office, ate some of the food stored in the building and carried off cases of soft drinks.
The Boston Street break-in resulted in the theft of a small icebox/freezer combination and a Fredrick window air conditioning unit.
“It appears as if they are taking only what they can carry away in their hands,” Jones said.
“We believe they are using the trails through the woods in that part of town to move around so we are asking anyone who sees anything suspicious to either call us or Crime Stoppers,” he said.
Jones noted that on Tuesday morning, police were able to recover the stolen icebox after receiving information from the victim of the burglary.
“Someone gave the complainant information about where the ice box would be and the complainant passed it on to us,” he said.
While police recovered the stolen item, they were unable to immediately make an arrest.
“We do now have a couple of suspects and we would appreciate the public’s help in finding them,” he said.
One was described as a young white male who was driving a blue Ford truck. The other was described as an older, smaller black male who was riding in the truck with the other suspect.
“We also think the white suspect also may be driving a green four-door car that is similar in make to a Ford Tempo. The hood of the car has been faded by the sun and is now a lighter shade of green,” he said.
Another Section 1 break-in was reported last week on Tuesday, July 28, on West Pine Valley Drive near the Dryden Street intersection.
In that burglary, the thieves took a 36-inch plasma television, a DVD/VCR combo and $300 in meat from a freezer.

“In the majority of the burglaries, some sort of incriminating evidence was left behind by the burglars,” Jones said. “If we can locate a suspect, we can match this evidence to them and we will have a solid case to take to court.”



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