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Hearing set on precinct line changes
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GROVETON – A hearing on proposed changes in changes to Trinity County’s precinct and voting box lines will be held Monday as part of a special meeting of the Trinity County Commissioners court. The meeting will be held at 9 a.m. in the Trinity County Commissioners Courtroom in the courthouse annex. Trinity County Attorney Joe W. Bell was tasked by the commissioners to come up with the plan to balance the population among the four precincts. Bell has told commissioners that only small changes are needed this year to conform with state and federal rules and that all of the changes could be accomplished inside the city of Groveton. Under the law, after each federal census count, states and counties must redraw their lines to make sure state districts and county precincts are closely matched in terms of population. In Trinity County’s case, the 2010 census listed a population of 14,585, which means that if that number were equally divided, each precinct would have an ”ideal” total of 3,646.5 people. Because it is hard to have a .5 person, each precinct is allowed a variance of plus or minus 5 percent. This means that each of the four commissioners must represent between 3,464 and 3,828 people. Precinct 2 and 3, both of which include parts of Trinity are each within that variance range. Precinct 2 with 3,822 was just six below the maximum allowed while Precinct 3 with 3,528 people was 64 above the minimum allowed. Precinct 1, which includes a part of Groveton as well as the Chita, Sebastopol and Carlisle area, had a count of 4,001 and must lost at least 173 people. Precinct 4, which includes part of Groveton as well as Apple Springs, Centerville and Nogalus Prairie, has a population of 3,234 and must gain at least 230 people to meet the variance. During the hearing Bell will present his primary plan for changing the lines as well as a couple of alternatives, all of which involve changing lines inside Groveton. In the southern end of the county, proposed changes would involve the voting boxes, which were split in 2001 when the state divided the county between two congressional districts. Because the new state plan places the entire county in U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady’s district, Bell said they would be redrawing the boxes changes in 2001 and return them to their more traditional configuration.


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