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Police find drugs, seize house
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TRINITY – What began as an investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) last week has developed into an effort by Trinity police to seize a Smith Street residence. While drug charges are still pending in the matter, police found marijuana and traces of cocaine in the home. “This was not the first time we’ve been called to this residence. We’ve been there on a number of drug-related cases but this time we’re doing something that we have not done before,” said Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones. They are seeking to seize the entire house and if they succeed, the city could then sell it to new owners. Jones said the matter began when a CPS worker requested police assistance when she went to the home for an investigation. Jones said he and Sgt. Randy Wheeler accompanied the CPS staff member and while in the home, Wheeler found a container of marijuana. A more intensive search uncovered traces of cocaine on two surfaces in the home. “We’ve been working with narcotics officers with other agencies and have been getting tips on new techniques to deal with problem homes and locations,” Jones said. One of those techniques involves seizure of the residence, much like police seize vehicles that have been used to transport illegal drugs. Jones said they consulted with Assistant District Attorney Bennie Schiro about the matter and will be filing seizure papers through the district court against the residence. The police chief said after locating the drugs, officers gave the residents time to pack up and remove personal belongings and then sealed the house. He noted that the information concerning the recovery of drugs is expected to be presented to a Trinity County grand jury for possible criminal charges. Suspect runs from police In other police activity last week, Freddy Leon Simmons, 60, of Trinity was taken into custody Tuesday morning when he turned himself in on a warrant issued by Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace Bobby Nicholds. He also was arrested on two warrants were issued in connection with an incident that occurred about 10:50 p.m. Saturday. Simmons has been charged with misdemeanor evading arrest and felony tampering with physical evidence after he ran from police following a traffic stop. Jones said Officer Larry Barak stopped a vehicle near the intersection of Elm and Highway 19 and was soon joined at that location by Officer Daniel Adams. While Adams was talking to the driver, who was identified as Simmons, the officer noticed there appeared to be something in the man’s mouth. When confronted by the officer about the matter, the suspect turned and ran, refusing orders from Adams and Barak to stop. Jones said the suspect fled and jumped a chain link fence. When of officers tried to follow, the fence collapsed and Barak fell, stunning his shoulder. The suspect escaped when Adams stopped to help Barak. Jones said the injury turned out to be minor and did not require medical treatment. Car chase ends in crash A 29-year-old Trinity man was arrested Thursday, Dec. 1, following a high-speed chase that ended in a crash on Highway 230 west of Trinity. John Shriner was charged with felony evading arrest and misdemeanor driving while intoxicated with an open container of alcohol. He also was held on a Montgomery County DWI warrant. Jones said he, together with Wheeler and Adams, were patrolling shortly before 1 a.m. Thursday when they noticed a Cadillac that was having trouble staying in a single lane. When they attempted to stop the car, it came to a complete stop in the lane of traffic. As both Wheeler and Adams began to exit the patrol vehicle, Jones said the car “took off.” During a chase west on Highway 230, speeds topped 70 miles per hour. Jones said that during the chase, they observed a woman in the passenger seat waiving her arms out the window. Shortly after the chase crossed into Walker County, Jones said the suspect car stopped momentarily while the female passenger jumped out. When the car slowed and then stopped, Jones said he pulled the patrol car around to the front of the suspect vehicle in an effort to cut him office. As soon as the female passenger was out of the car, the police chief said the suspect vehicle began coming at the patrol car at an increasing rate of speed. While the driver managed to avoid colliding with the police car, he continued to accelerate down FM 230 with the police again in pursuit. Jones said this stage of the chase lasted just less than a mile with speeds approaching 100 miles per hour. At Koonce Road, the suspect vehicle attempted to make a left turn but was unable to control the vehicle and ended up in a ditch. When the suspect attempted to run from the crash site, Jones said Wheeler and Adams tackled him and placed him in custody. Jones noted that normally, there would not be three officers patrolling together in the same vehicle. He noted that Adams had recently joined the department and he and Wheeler were giving him a tour of the city and showing him potential problem areas. Traffic stops ends with arrest A 66-year-old Trinity man was being held Monday on felony charges of possession of a controlled substance and tampering with physical evidence. Acie Haley was attested Monday near the intersection of Walker and Israel Otis streets in an area that has become to be known as the “Three Way.” Jones said officers were attempting to locate another suspect in the area when they stopped a car for a traffic violation. During the stop, they found a crack pipe in the vehicle. When officers began to place handcuffs on the suspect, they notice he had a crumbled crack rock balled up in his fist.


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