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City-county investigation nets burglary arrest
Trinity Standard - July 2008

TRINITY – A 20-year-old Trinity man was in the custody of the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department this week after being jailed Friday on burglary and possession of stolen items charges.
Justin Thompson was arrested at his residence in the White Rock Acres subdivision off FM 356 east of Trinity Friday by Chief Deputy Sheriff Donald Fisher and Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones.
The arrest came as part of a joint city-county investigation into a number of four-wheeler thefts that have been reported recently in the area.
Jones said Friday’s action came after he received a tip that Thompson was involved. When he and Fisher went to the White Rock Creek residence, they found a four-wheeler that had been taken apart. The only parts that remained were the frame, motor and tires, all of which were identified as coming from a four-wheeler reported stolen from the Pinecrest subdivision.
After being arrested on the possession of stolen items charge, Jones said Thompson was placed into the back of a city patrol car. The suspect is then alleged to have kicked out the back window and attempted to escape.
The burglary charge was filed against the suspect after Fisher was notified that a number of items believed to have been stolen were in the man’s room at the residence.
“We recovered a number of items believed to have been stolen, including a TV, three shotguns, a laptop computer and a stereo system,” Fisher said.
“The TV has been linked to a burglary and we’re still trying to identify the owners of the shotguns and other items,” he said.
In addition, Thompson has been charged with felony criminal attempted escape and misdemeanor criminal mischief in connection with the damage to the Trinity police car.



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