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Former Trinity man takes part in The Bachelorette
Trinity Standard - June 2008

TRINITY -- Its a long way from East Texas to Hollywood but former Trinity resident Jeremy Anderson is making the leap.
The 30-year-old real estate attorney who now resides in Dallas is one of the leading contenders featured on the Monday night ABC reality show, The Bachelorette.
Anderson’s father, the late Dick Anderson, owned and operated a package store in Trinity until 1990 when his failing health forced the family to close the store and move to Huntsville.
While Anderson cannot talk about the show until the current season is completed, his elder brother, Jason, spoke with pride about his sibling’s accomplishments.
The current season of The Bachelorette aired its third episode this week and Jason said that based on the results of the first two shows, his brother appears to be the leading candidate.
“In last week’s episode they took part in a home run derby in Dodger Stadium and Jeremy won it,” Jason said. “He also won his second rose from the bachelorette making him the front runner.
“All the other contestants hate him for it,” Jason laughed.
The premise of the show calls for the bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas, 26, of Newnan, Ga. to interact with a group of 25 bachelors, giving out roses each week to the men who impress her and gradually eliminating candidates.
“Its a game show and the bachelorette is the prize,” the contestant’s brother said.
Jason, who now resides in Houston, said that while ABC lists only the first names of each contestant and provides a very limited biography at their website www.abc.com, various other Internet sites have researched each of the men.
“Jeremy has caught a lot of flack on the message boards because he quit his job with a Dallas law firm in order to participate in the show,” Jason said.
“He passed the bar fairly recently and had just gone to work for a pretty big law firm when this all came up. A lot of people appear to be questioning his decision,” he added.
However, Jason said his brother is having a lot of fun and felt taking part in the show was an experience he just couldn’t pass up.
“He did a little bit a modeling when he was younger and said he might do a little more if things work out with the show,” Jason added.
While Jason, Jeremy and their youngest brother, Patrick, all graduated from Huntsville High School, Jason said they all have fond memories of Trinity.
“Moving to Huntsville was kind of a sore subject with us. We all wanted to continue our education in Trinity but due to my dad’s health problems, my mom had to go back to work,” Jason said, adding that she found a job in Conroe and the family moved to Huntsville to make her commute easier.
“Huntsville is as far away as we wanted to move,” he added.
The move came after Jason had completed his freshman year at Trinity High School and Jeremy was in middle school.
“When we were in Trinity, we lived in Westwood Shores and all of our earliest memories are there.
“In fact, Jeremy was in Trinity (Monday) to have lunch with a couple of friends he went to school with and that’s what made me think about calling,” Jason said in a telephone interview.
While the summer show only aired its third episode on Monday night, Jason said the show is beginning to wrap up taping.
“I don’t know how it all turns out but its a lot of fun to watch,” he added.




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