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Trinity Standard - Local News
Stories Added - June 2009
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Trinity residents asked to reduce water usage
Trinity Standard - June 2009

TRINITY – Voluntary “Stage 1” water cuts were put in place this week after a rise in water demand nearly reached the city’s capacity to pump it into town.
Trinity City Manager Phil Patchett said Monday that an order issued by Mayor Lyle Stubbs put the State 1 water restrictions in place.
“Stage 1 is all voluntary. Right now we’re just asking people to cut back on water usage, particularly during the high demand hours from 6 to 9 p.m.,” he said.
Patchett noted that the demand for city water is currently running at about 870,000 gallons per day. That is getting dangerously close to the city’s pumping capacity of 900,000 gallons per day.
The city manager said what has been happening is that water customers have almost drained the city’s storage tanks each evening.
The city has been able to refill the tanks over night, but its been taking longer and longer to recover. He said they are getting close to the point that they will not be able to completely refill the tanks before customers demand begins to drain them again.
When that happens, it will become more and more likely that the city’s ground and overhead storage tanks could be completely drained.
As the levels of the tanks dip closer to empty, water pressure throughout the city’s system also will begin to drop.
“The first areas historically to see the effects first will be those who live on Odessa Street and those customers in Trinity Cove,” Patchett said.
Odessa Street is impacted first because of its relatively high elevation while Trinity Cove will see the effect due to its distance from the city.
“Anyone who experiences water problems should call the city at any time, day or night. Someone will be manning the phones,” he said.
Under the Stage 1 order issued by the city, city water customers are asked to limit the irrigation of yards and gardens to certain days from 6-10 a.m. and from 8 p.m. to midnight.  Those who reside on the north or east side of a street are asked to water only on Sundays and Thursday while those who live on the south or west side are asked to water only on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
Customers also are asked to conserve as much water as possible and use it only for essential purposes.
If the Stage 1 restrictions fails to lower water usage, the city can move into Stage 2 which will impose mandatory restrictions. Once mandatory cuts are put in place, those found to be in violation can be issued citations by police and be required to pay fines.









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