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THS scholarships top $330,000
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TRINITY -- With almost 70 seniors scheduled to receive their high school diplomas on Friday, top students and special guests gathered last week for the awarding of more than $330,000 in scholarships. The annual Scholarship Night was hosted in the First United Methodist Church’s Activity Center for the awarding of 34 scholarships -- some of which went to more than one student -- and the presentation of a number of other honors to members of the Trinity High School Class of 2011. Bailey Currie was the recipient of two other major awards, including the largest single one of the night -- an $82,000 Terry Foundation Scholarship -- as well as a $16,000 Rodeo Art Scholarship from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Another major scholarships presented during the program went to the class salutatorian, Matthew Reid Felchak. The $76,000 four-year scholarship was from Houston Baptist University. A second HBU award, this one a four-year $46,000 award, went to Tyler Brooke. A four-year $56,000 Smith-Hutson Scholarship went to Eric Thomas. Among the scholarships funded locally were 17 $1,000 awards presented by the Trinity Scholarship Fund (TSF). A crawfish boil fundraiser held each May generates the money for the award. Winners of the TSF awards this year were Felchak, Currie, Thomas, Valedictorian Kelsey Clopton, Zane Shaw, Brandi Gentry, Dustin Albert, Jessica Buck, Evelyn Burton, Bria Bush, Tara Harberson, Jay Johnson, Brittany Landry, Cole Smith, Korey Smith, Jessie Valenta and Kyle Villarreal. Among the other awards presented during Scholarship Night were: - State of Texas Honor Graduate Award ($6,000) to Kelsey Clopton. - Al Wiedeman Memorial Scholarship ($100) to Reid Felchak. - The First National Bank-Dr. Sam Barnes Scholarship ($4,000) to Kelsey Clopton. - Trinity Fair Queen Cake Scholarship ($900) to Evelyn Burton. - Joe Werner Masonic Lodge Scholarship ($2,000) to Bria Bush. - Charlene Carr Memorial Scholarship ($500) to Bailey Currie. - Trinity Ex-Students Association Scholarships ($1,000 each) to Jessie Valenta and Brittany Landry. -The Class of 1959 Scholarships ($1,000 each) to Jessica Buck and Bria Bush. - The Stevenson Family Scholarship ($1,000) to Bailey Currie. - The Royal and Doyal Lowery Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) to Reid Felchak. - The John Martin Memorial Scholarship ($500) to Korey Smith. - The Lloyd and Mozelle Bell Scholarships ($1,000) to Kyle Villarreal and ($500) to Eric Thomas. - The Edgar and Olive May Memorial Scholarship ($500) to Jose Torres. - The Callahan Family Scholarship ($500) to Evelyn Burton. - The Trinity Thoroughbred Scholarship ($1,000) to Bria Bush. - The WTB&S Scholarship ($600) to Evelyn Burton. - The Patsy Bell Jolly Memorial Scholarship ($250) to Evelyn Burton. - The Lone Star Ex-Students Scholarship ($500 each) to Bria Bush and LaFredrick English. - The Roy Cross Sr. Memorial Scholarship from the Open Door Outreach Ministry ($300 each) to Jessica Buck and Bria Bush. - The Lions Club Scholarship ($500) to Evelyn Burton. - The First Baptist Church of Glendale Scholarship ($500) to Jesse Valenta. - The Knights of Columbus Scholarship ($1,500) to Evelyn Burton. - The Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church Scholarship ($300)to Evelyn Burton. - The VFW Senior Scholarship ($4,000) to Reid Felchak. - The Angelina TLL Temple Foundation Scholarship ($2,000) to Brittany Landry. - The Most Holy Trinity Ladies’ Guild Scholarship ($500) to Evelyn Burton. - The Bellville Knights of Columbus Scholarship ($200) to Reid Felchak. -The PTA Scholarship ($750) to Jessica Buck. - Honor Cords to be worn during the graduation ceremonies were presented.To earn the red cords, students donated blood during the school year. - University Interscholastic League (UIL) Scholar Awards to Jessica Buck, Evelyn Burton, Bria Bush, Kelsey Clopton, Bailey Currie, Matthew Felchak, Brandi Gentry, Jacob Lindsay, Zane Shaw, Eric Thomas, Jessie Valenta, Kyle Villarreal and Elizabeth Worthy. - The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Good Citizenship Awards to Bailey Currie and Reid Felchak.


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