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County fair, livestock show opens March 17
Trinity Standard -

GROVETON – A total of 177 FFA and 4-H projects will be on display when the Annual Trinity County Fair and Youth Livestock Show kicks off March 17 for a three-day run. In addition to the livestock projects, there will be numerous other items displayed by various school-sponsored clubs and organizations. There will be a total of nine pens of broilers shown, included three from the county 4-H clubs, two from the Centerville FFA and four from the Groveton FFA. The county 4-H clubs will also show 24 pens of fryers. There will be 39 goats in the show. 4-H clubs will have 22, Apple Springs FFA will have two, Centerville FFA will show one, Groveton FFA will have nine and Trinity FFA will show five. In the lamb division there will be 14 animals in the competition. 4-H clubs will show seven, Apple Springs FFA will show one, Groveton FFA will show five and Trinity FFA will show one. A total of seven sets of heifers will be shown. 4-H will show one and Groveton FFA will show six. A total of 15 steers have been entered in the show with 4-H clubs having two, Centerville FFA entering one and Groveton FFA with 12. A whopping 69 swine will be shown with 4-H Clubs having 39, Apple Springs FFA having one, Centerville FFA having four, Groveton FFA having 17 and Trinity FFA showing eight. Over the three day period the Trinity County Fair Association will have two concession stands – one serving barbecue plates, barbecue sandwiches, baked potatoes, sausage on a stick, funnel cakes, cold drinks, ice tea and (morning only) breakfast burritos. The other concession stand will be serving cold drinks, coffee, cappuccino, nachos, hamburgers, cakes and candies.


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