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Trinity Standard - Local News
Stories Added - November 2010
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2nd burglary arrest prompts guilty plea
Trinity Standard -

TRINITY – A suspect set to go on trial this week on a burglary charge, entered a guilty plea after being arrested on another burglary complaint. Richard Ray Gallaway was sentenced to four years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice after entering the plea before 258th District Judge Elizabeth Coker on Monday. The guilty plea covered both the charge for which he was set to go on trial as well as last week’s burglary. Gallaway was arrested last week along with Phillip James Asbury, both of Trinity, on burglary of a habitation charges. According to Pct. 1 Constable Woody Wallace, last week’s break-in occurred in the Timber Bay subdivision off FM 356. A man looking out a window spotted a someone he did not know coming out of his neighbor’s garage carrying property from the house. The neighbor noticed the man go into the woods, put the property down and head back to the house when he decided to confront the suspect. The watchful neighbor was able to get an accurate description of the suspect then called Wallace. The constable said the victim of the burglary, who he identified as an elderly woman, was at home during the incident and was “completely terrified” by the event. Wallace and Deputy Constable Rusty Barrett responded to the call immediately. After getting the description of one of the suspects, they began looking for clues as to the direction the suspects left. Barrett was able to pick up a trail and followed the footsteps from the victim’s house to a house in Jungle Village. As the officers arrived at the end of the trail, they met two men who were standing in the front yard and the description matched one of the suspects. Wallace said they questioned the suspects and found many inconsistencies in their stories. Barrett then prepared a photo line up and the witness was able to identify one of the suspects. The officers then took this information to the Assistant District Attorney Bennie Schiro for review. Schiro agreed the information was enough for a warrant but suggested that officers obtain an arrest warrant for Asbury and see if his statement would provide more probable cause for a warrant on Gallaway. Asbury was subsequently arrested and made a statement incriminating Gallaway as an accomplice. A warrant was obtained for Gallaway and he was soon arrested. “The witness’ description of a tattoo was an exact match on one of the suspects and was very helpful in obtaining an arrest warrant on one of the suspects,” Wallace said. “Talk about swift justice. This should send a strong message to future would be burglars!” the constable added. Wallace said these arrests are proof that the Neighborhood Watch program is working well in Precinct 1 and on FM 356. “We began organizing this program four years ago soon after I was elected and have been able to make several arrests over the past few years as a result. This program takes time and effort from many people, but as you can see it is beginning to work in our favor. I encourage everybody to get involved in your Neighborhood Watch program,” he added.


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