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County voters reject 9 of 10 propositions
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GROVETON – While only one of the 10 proposed constitutional amendments were approved by local voters last week, the statewide ballot gave the green light to seven of them. Only Proposition 1, which granted tax exemptions to the surviving spouse of a veteran, was approved locally. It also was approved statewide by an overwhelming majority. Trinity County voters favored Proposition 1 by a margin of 528 (84.6%) to 146. It was approved statewide by a vote of 568,959 (82.9%) to 117,520. The three propositions that failed statewide and will not go into effect included: • Proposition 4, which would have allowed counties to issue bonds to develop blighted or undeveloped areas. This failed in Trinity County by a vote of 487 (73.5%) to 176 and statewide by a vote of 399,205 (59.7%) to 269,272. • Proposition 7, which would have allowed El Paso go create reclamation districts. This failed in Trinity County by a vote of 439 (67.7%) to 209 and statewide by a vote of 337,766 (51.7%) to 315,634. • Proposition 8, which would have allowed the appraisal for tax purposes of open-space land devoted to water-stewardship purposes. This failed in Trinity County by a vote of 465 (71.5%) to 185 and statewide by a vote of 349,320 (53%) to 309,786. The results of the other six proposed amendment, which passed statewide, are as follows: PROPOSITION 2 Allowing the Texas Water Development Board to issue up to $6 billion in bonds. For Against County 255 404 State 347,614 327,076 PROPOSITION 3 Allowing the state to issue bonds to finance educational loans for students. For Against County 280 366 State 371,957 310,211 PROPOSITION 5 Allowing the cities and counties to enter into interlocal agreements with other cities or counties for more than a year without meeting previous tax or sinking fund requirements. For Against County 289 374 State 384,083 280,681 PROPOSITION 6 Allowing the General Land Office to distribute revenue for public education. For Against County 239 427 State 346,023 324,904 PROPOSITION 9 Allowing the governor to grant pardons to people who successfully complete terms of deferred adjudication. For Against County 313 335 State 383,803 285,836 PROPOSITION 10 Allowing elected officials who have one year and 30 days left on their current term to run for another office without having to resign. The old rule required officials to resign if they had more than one year left in their current term. For Against County 293 374 State 371,502 292,502


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