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Trinity Standard - Local News
Stories Added - September 2010
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Check scam hits banks for $20,000

Trinity Standard -

TRINITY – A gang of Hispanic men using forged checks hit local banks for about $20,000 during a two-hour period Friday, Sept. 3. Police Chief Steve Jones said the group passed 32 bogus payroll checks at First Community Bank and First National Bank of Trinity. “Basically, we had a group of men hit town and rob our banks without using a gun,” Jones said. “There were at least six or seven Hispanic males working the scam. They had forged checks written on a Trinity Steel account and they posed as employees who were cashing their payroll checks,” Jones said. The scam came to an end when a teller at First Community – which received 27 of the forged checks – noticed a man coming in for a second time to cash a check. Bank officials then became suspicious and contacted police. No arrests have yet been made but Jones said police are currently running down fingerprints. “First Community required the men to give them their thumb print when they cashed the check so we are now running them through AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System),” he said. Jones said he also is notifying the Texas Rangers and the FBI in the event the group is moving from town to town and scamming other banks with bogus checks. “As a police department, we have tried to spread the word to people who are in the business of cashing checks to always get a fingerprint,” ones said. He cautioned that when taking a finger or thumb print, people need to be sure they get a clear image. “Experienced cons will slide their finger when being printed so all you get is a smear. People need to watch for than and make sure they get a clear print,” he said.


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