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Seat belt safety eyed by Police Department
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TRINITY — on Tuesday, Sept. 24, the Trinity Police Department sent out a notice that they are coming down on seat belt requirements. Chief of Police, Steve Jones, reported that a number of citizens are not restraining their children properly when going back and forth to school. In the notice Jones stated, "When I take my children to school, I am seeing a lot of parents that do not have their children secured by a seat belt or safety seat. I have also received several complaints from other concerned parents." According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, children that are 8 years old or younger, and shorter than 4'9" should be in a passenger safety seat system. Children that are older than 8 years or taller than 4'9" should be properly seat belted as any adult would. Children under 13 years of age should be buckled in the back seat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that if you have a child sitting in the front seat it is best to move the seat back as far from the airbag as possible. It is also important to do this with short or small framed drivers regardless of age. The Trinity Police Department will be targeting this violation for the next several weeks. They are warning parents to have their children properly restrained in the vehicle at all times. A citation for failing to uphold this requirement can cost up to $344. Deputies are also asking parents to encourage their children to be properly buckled in and to explain that it is for the child's safety.


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