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Rodeo fun held Oct. 5
Trinity Standard -

TRINITY — The Risin' Sun Cowboy Church held their Annual Revival and Rodeo Saturday, Oct. 5, and this year they celebrated 20 years of Rodeo fun! In all those years the Rodeo has had local youth in the round pin getting their animals ready for the show. The amount of dedication and talent it takes to tame and teach the animals to work with their owner isn't easily stated. It can only be seen and felt by the many bystanders that are there every year to support these incredible kids. As usual the event held the Queen's race and Saturday they announced Morgan Connor as the Queen. They didn't have any applicants for Princess this year. The Calf Scramble was quite successful and Cade Nelson, 11 years old, was the winner of that event taking home $50 as his prize. The Muttin' Bustin' is always a good show. It is difficult to watch those little ones try to hold on to an animal that is not cooperating. They are usually better at it than most and this year 6 year old Kristofer Simmons took the prize. The panty races were held this year as well; Josie Tindell, Kelly Harrelson, and Jennifer Pigg, won that race. Before the annual events Ron Conaster presented recognition plaques to the local businesses and individuals who have donated and contributed to the Rodeo for all 20 years. That list includes: The Trinity Standard, Rudy Wilkison, Kevin Lilly's McDonald's, Matt Budzise, Matt Anderson, Steve Hawkins with Fish & Steel, Consumer's LP, Lovelady State Bank, First National Bank-Trinity, Stubbs Chemical & Feed, Safety Lighting, The Huntsville Item, KIVY out of Lufkin, K-SAM, Richard Bailey, Candi Smith, Johnny Bab, and T.S. Henley. Every name mentioned in the list above have faithfully contributed or volunteered to the Rodeo, every year, for the last 20 years. Without their help the Rodeo would not have lasted this long.


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