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Finances, construction discussed
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TRINITY — During their monthly meeting the Trinity Memorial Hospital District reviewed their financial report. In the months of August through October a balance of $7,003.28 was left remaining after taxes and bills were paid. The Hospital District is taxed at 91% by the Appraisal District and have a large balance owed from this and previous years of delinquent taxes. With the new renovations of ETMC this comes at a large cost and the Board is trying to catch up. Although they are not financial hurting they are operating at a year to date loss of $93,000. ETMC along with numerous other hospitals have taken severe cuts from the government's recent budget approval, 3 million in cuts have been made to Medicaid and other organizations that the people of Trinity rely on. These cuts have crippled most hospitals to some degree. Although, ETMC still runs smoothly, they can feel the pressure as they see other smaller hospitals suffer through this harsh time. Asking for small notions such as not admitting patients and taking from their own funds for indigent care are just some of the ways this 2014 budget has made the working life of the hospital and it's employees difficult. Trying to remain optimistic the Board and the hospital continue their day-to-day work. One item on the agenda is a new surgeon. The current surgeon, Dr. Carlson, has decided not to renew his contract, leaving his position open. There are a couple of surgeons that are being eyed by ETMC administrator, Brett Kirkham. An independent surgeon group has been approached to have a weekly clinic here at ETMC Trinity. Paying them on a different pay scale rather than a salary may only help the hospital. While they search for a new surgeon they also search for a Primary Care Physician. Having to spread the patients out between the current physicians has taken its toll. An Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Yildiz, will be hosted on Oct. 30 or 31. In other news The reconstruction of the Hospital is still ongoing. With minor updates left the contractors are asking for any larger constructions to be presented to them quickly. A walk-through will be conducted by board members to assure all the little details are taken care of. The problem areas for the current drainage system are also being reviewed. Discussions on how to solve that particular problem are on-going.


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