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Kalin's Center items destroyed by vandals
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CROCKETT -- Weekend vandals broke into the Old Crockett High School building on South 7th St., destroying thousands of dollars of items being stored for the new Kalin's Center facility. The former CHS building currently is owned by First Methodist Church of Crockett. The Rev. Patrick Evans said he believes the break-in occurred Sunday night, June 30. The church's senior pastor said criminal mischief at the site was a problem during spring break and since school has been out for the summer, pointing to broken out windows on the second floor above the doors. This time, the vandals dumped printer ink toner on the floors and all over the Kalin's Center items. The perpetrators left the room in total disarray, leaving those who are dedicated to helping abused and sexually assaulted children scratching their heads and wondering why anyone would do such a thing. Kalin's Center, which serves both Trinity and Houston counties, recently received a $106,000 grant from the Temple Foundation that enabled them to purchase a new facility. The targeted move-in date is sometime in August. Kalin's Center Executive Director Debbie McCall said some of the items, such as a couch, tables and antique chairs had been donated for use at the new facility. She had planned to use them in the family room and lobby. They now are ruined, as are boxes of new toys for the children, reams of copy paper and new file folders. "This community and Trinity County have been so generous with their donations," McCall said. There was a new set of anatomically correct dolls that cost approximately $1,000. McCall said she hadn't unboxed them yet because she was saving them for interviews that will be conducted at the new facility. In the rubble she found the child doll which is ruined, and apparently the vandals took the two adult dolls. Other items were things McCall planned to put in a garage sale Aug. 1, hoping to raise funds for the counseling program. "We probably could have raised $10,000," she said. "We need money for our counseling program." McCall said, "It breaks my heart. I don't understand people that damage other people's property. I feel so violated. Kalin's Center is my 'baby' and they hurt my 'baby'. I'm really angry right now." Evans said he also does not understand why people do such destructive things. "It shows there's still sin in the world," he said. Crockett Police Department Public Information Officer/Detective Clayton Smith said that, also over the weekend, someone spray painted a vulgar word on the concession stand at the Junior League Baseball field concession stand. "We suspect that the same person(s) (vandalized) both places. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Crockett Police Department," Smith said. Evans said vandalism of the old school building is such a problem, the church posted signs on the building's doors offering a standing $100 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who vandalizes the building. The information must be provided to the Crockett Police Department. There is no insurance coverage on the lost/damaged Kalin's Center items, or on the old school building, McCall said. Kalin's Center is a Children's Advocacy Center serving both Houston and Trinity Counties. Donations can be mailed to Kalin's Center, P. O. Box 901, Crockett, TX 75835, or call 936-545-9455. The Kalin's Center is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization so your donation is applicable for IRS tax credit. Their tax-exempt number is 75-2937133.


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