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Police rescue infant from parked vehicle
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TRINITY — A six-month-old infant reportedly suffered no long-term injuries after being accidentally locked inside a hot car last week. According to Sgt. Randy Wheeler of the Trinity Police Department, the baby was rescued by police and examined by doctors at East Texas Medical Center-Trinity. "We got a call from the manager at Brookshire Brothers grocery at on Thursday, Sept. 12, about a baby locked in a vehicle at the store," he said. Wheeler said he immediately headed to the scene and was met there by Police Chief Steve Jones and Officer Donald Givens, who all arrived at about the same time. "When Steve walked up to the vehicle, he saw that the baby was in distress, covered in sweat," he said. Wheeler then used a baton to break out the driver's side window in order to gain access to the interior. The child was immediately taken inside the air-conditioned grocery store and an ambulance was summoned to take the child to the hospital for examination. "We were very concerned because it doesn't take long in this kind of weather for bad things to happen," Wheeler said, noting that at 3 p.m. when the rescue was underway, the outside temperature was 95 degrees. Wheeler said based on a review of the grocery store's parking lot video surveillance tapes, the child had been locked inside the car for 28 minutes. "In that time, with no air circulation the inside temperature was well over 100 degrees," he said. No charges have been filed in the case because investigators determined the child was accidentally locked in the car and the driver – the child's grandmother – was attempting to obtain help. "The video showed that after the grandmother parked in a handicapped space, she popped the rear hatch of her SUV from the driver's seat, got out and walked to the rear where she got something for the baby. "She closed the rear hatch and walked to the side door to get the baby only to find the doors locked with her keys still inside," Wheeler said. The sergeant said the grandmother went into the store to call her husband for a backup set of keys. "The store manager heard what was going on, walked out to check on the baby and then called us," Wheeler said. The officer noted it is important, especially during times of the hot outside temperatures, not to leave children, the elderly or pets inside parked vehicles. "Once the car is parked and the air conditioner is turned off, it immediately starts being uncomfortable. It doesn't take long to change from uncomfortable to dangerous," he said. Anyone who sees a child or pet left unattended in a parked vehicle is asked to contact police at 594-2505.


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