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Hit and run driver arrested after quick action by TPD
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Dr. Sharon Schuetz

Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones pulled out onto Highway 19, near Walker's Car Wash, Saturday, Jan. 18 at approximately 10 a.m. and saw a rear-ended vehicle on a side street near Highway 19. Jones met with its occupants after they flagged him down. He saw a damaged vehicle that had been pulled over onto the side street out of harm's way. The crash had just occurred a minute or two before Jones arrived. The owners of the damaged vehicle gave Jones the license number and description of the hit and run driver and the Ford truck he was driving. Jones immediately put out an alert and took off after the runaway vehicle. He caught up with him in Riverside at Highway 980. Officer Travis Bryan responded to Chief Jones' alert and arrested Ted York for an accident involving damage and possession of a controlled substance. The possession charge was filed after officers found a clear plastic bag containing meth in the suspect's car. York attempted to run but gave up when he realized he could not get away. After the incident Jones asked and answered the question, "Where are the cops when you need them? They're right where they need to be."


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