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Barrett's missing funds found by Texas Rangers
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GROVETON —Tamela Anne Curran, 44, of Groveton was arrested on Friday, Feb. 21, and charged with third degree theft by a public servant. Indications had been made that funds were missing from the Office of Justice of the Peace for Precinct One, Randy Barrett. The Texas Rangers were called in to investigate and after a few weeks Ranger Jeter, called Curran in for an interview. According to authorities, Curran confessed to the allegations, stating details of how she obtained the monies. An audit had to be done in order to acquire the proper details of how much and when the monies became missing. The audit showed over $3,000 was missing from the Justice's office. Randy Barrett, in a Commissioner's Court meeting on Jan. 27, was brought in under the scrutiny of the Court and had been asked to resign from his post. At that time he allocated that he thought one of his previous clerks may have stolen the monies and reminded the Court that he acquired the initial investigation back in November of 2013. The Commissioner's Court at that time didn't have any proof of missing funds, but, their main concern was of the office hours held by Barrett. They to reminded Barrett of how things can go wrong when he is not present to take charge and notice of the happenings in the office he was trusted with. Curran is currently out of jail on a $15,000 bond.


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