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Trinity County receives Safety Award
Trinity Standard -

GROVETON — Back in March of 2011 Rich Chamberlin, Commissioner of Precinct 2, applied with the State of Texas for the Safety Award. After implementing their Accident Prevention Plan and recording their accident and injury loss the State of Texas awarded Trinity County with the Safety Award. The requirements involved are extensive, having an education and training component, accident and hazard investigation and risk management documentation, counties must also have less than 25% of accidents within the year. Trinity County had an astonishing 0%. On May 1, Chamberlin will go to Austin to receive the award. County Judge, Doug Page, proclaimed April as National County Government Month, through the National Association of Counties Resilient Counties Initiative. The National Association of Counties encourages counties to focus on how they prepare and respond to natural disasters and emergencies or any other situations the county may face, such as economic recovery or public health and safety challenges. Each year since 1991 the National Association of Counties has encouraged counties across the nation to promote their services and programs to the public. Doug Page encourages all county officials employees, schools and residents to participate in county government celebration activities. The Groveton Housing Authority sent in a request for a waiver for all payments in lieu of taxes. Since they are a tax exempt entity technically the Groveton Housing Authority never had to pay taxes, instead they had always made PILOT payments. These PILOT payments were to repay the county for any services provided to the Groveton Housing Authority. In the past the Groveton Housing Authority has asked for waivers of this kind during financial hardships, then in turn resumed payments as they became able. The county doesn't have much of a choice on this one since the Texas State Statutes provides relief for such housing authorities; they are allowed by law certain exemptions. The county will be accepting bids for the purchase of an old landfill in precinct one off FM 355. There are certain regulations in obtaining land previously used as a landfill regarding structures and housing, which are noted on the deed. Another form of businesses held at Commissioner's Court this week was the discussion of the purchase of property going to auction on April 1. This 2.5+ acres located behind the fair barn has been delinquent on taxes for some time. Owing over $4,000 in taxes the appraised value of the property is assessed at $11,413. County Attorney, Joe Bell, warns commissioners of their interest in this land since it has undergone a forced sale through delinquent taxes. He insists that if the property is to be purchased by the county it is to be purchased at fair market value in order to shy away from any conflict of interest. Commissioner Smith, argues that the property isn't worth the assessed value and asks for a $5,000 cap on the bidding. Doug Page was requested to be present representing the county as a bidder at the square on April 1. The Sheriff's office had good news, after filing for a grant for a four-wheel-drive vehicle they were awarded $50,000, which should be dispersed soon and deposited with the auditor. An update on the CETRZ grant Commissioner Chamberlin applied for was heard at the meeting this week. While the CETRZ grant is ongoing the State of Texas has announced that of the 254 counties eligible for the grant only 191 counties applied. Because of this those extra monies will trickle down to each county that applied and Trinity County will receive more than expected.


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