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Trinity County Fair generates over $159,000 in sales
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GROVETON — The results for the 2014 Trinity County Fair auction sales are in. The Total Sales were $159,800.00. Add-Ons totals are approximately $13,920.00 and Concession Sales total $13,305.63. Listed below are each animal that sold, who exhibited the animal, who bought the animal and how much the animal was sold for. The Sweetheart cake auction results are also listed. Grand Champion Steer; Yarbrough, Caleb; G-FFA; Old Indian; $4,200.00 Grand Champion Lamb; Ecord, Emily; G-4H; Trent Ashby; $1,100.00 Grand Champion Goat; Davidson, Mikayla; AS-FFA; Mike Morrison; $1,000.00 Grand Champion Swine; White, Savannah; G-FFA; Robbie and Billie Jo Moffett $1,600.00 Grand Champion; Commercial Heifers; Ray, Caitlin; G-4H; John Gnemi (Silent G Ranch) $6,200.00 Grand Champion Broilers; Ecord, Meredith; G-4H; Vernon Carlton Jr. ; $650.00 Grand Champion Fryers; Smith, Maicey; G-4H; Friday Buyers; $500.00 Reserve Champion Steer; Fortenberry, Katie; G-FFA; Friday Buyers; $3,500.00 Reserve Champion Lamb; Hart, Addyson; AS-FFA; Mike Morrison; $900.00 Reserve Champion Goat; Lassman, Noah; T-Jr FFA; South Co. Buyers Group; $700.00 Reserve Champion Swine; Wars, Tori; G-FFA; Old Indian; $1,550.00 Reserve Champ Commercial Heifers; Ray, Colton; G-FFA; La Colina Cattle Co.; $5,100.00 Reserve Champion Broilers; Dial, Weston; G-4H; FTR Equipment; $1,150.00 Reserve Champion Fryers; Dunlap, Colt; G-4H; Pennington Buyers; $450.00 3rd Place Steer; King, Hunter; G-FFA; Friday Buyers; $3,150.00 3rd Place Lamb; McClintock, Kaylee; G-FFA; Pennington Buyers; $1,300.00 3rd Place Goat; Conner, Cortney; EC-4H; Apple Springs Buyers Group; $800.00 3rd Place Swine; Selman, Caitlin; G-4H; Old Indian; $1,400.00 3rd Place Commercial Heifers; Shotwell, Courtney; G-FFA; Bob Shotwell; $3,600.00 3rd Place Broilers; Orsak, Lisa; G-FFA; Rosser Financial; $800.00 3rd Place Fryers; Ashworth, Clarissa; C-4H; Crockett Vet Hospital; $750.00 4th Place Steer; Hoelewyn, Jacob; G-4H; Friday Buyers; $2,700.00 4th Place Lamb; Pigg, Jennifer; G-FFA; Old Indian; $800.00 4th Place Goat; Hollingsworth, Paul; T-Jr FFA; Trent Ashby; $550.00 4th Place Swine; Yates, Dakota Katie; G-FFA; Alsbrooks Construction; $1,800.00 4th Place Commercial Heifers; Due, Chesni; G-FFA; FDR Equipment; $5,200.00 4th Place Broilers; Roberts, Kyle; G-FFA; Trinity Co. Farm Bureau; $400.00 4th Place Fryers; Magee, Kaylin; G-4H; Friday Buyers; $550.00 5th Place Steer King, Jasper; G-FFA; Friday Buyers; $2,900.00 5th Place Lamb; Bogs, Brooke; T-FFA; Trinity Buyers Group; $1,000.00 5th Place Goat; Hance, Triston; G-4H; Old Indian; $550.00 5th Place Swine; Blackstock, Makayla; G-4H; Woody Wallace; $850.00 5th Place Commercial Heifers; Moore, Demi; G-FFA; Western Rubber; $4,100.00 5th Place Broilers; Hogg, Hunter; C-FFA; Lyons Propane; $350.00 5th Place Fryers; McFarland, Parker; G-4H; B&B Foods; $400.00 6th Place Steer; Brooks, Ty; G-4H; Old Indian; $2,800.00 6th Place Lamb; Tullos, Drayden; EC-4H; Leor Exploration; $700.00 6th Place Goat; Dial, Hanna; G-4H; Citizens State Bank; $700.00 6th Place Swine; Eichman, Luke; AS-FFA; Leor Exploration; $950.00 6th Place Commercial Heifers; Fry, Lynsey; C-FFA; Randall Fry Logging; $3,300.00 6th Place Fryers; Carr, Clay; G-4H; Lynn Carr; $650.00 7th Place Steer; Thornton, Glenn; G-4H; Henry & Scott Thornton; $2,900.00 7th Place Lamb; Wars, Kyle; G-FFA; Friday Buyers; $600.00 7th Place Goat; Dormier, Jacob; G-FFA; Tyre Processing; $700.00 7th Place Swine; Rowe, Makala; G-4H; Magnolia Creek; $1,000.00 7th Place Fryers; Voelker, Kylie; G-4H; Trinity Buyers Group; $350.00 8th Place Steer; Ebarb, Tanner G-FFA, Pennington Buyers; $2,500.00 8th Place Lamb; Bogs, Dustin; T Jr-FFA; South Co. Buyers Group; $1,000.00 8th Place Goat; Whitworth, Megan; G-FFA; Old Indian; $650.00 8th Place Swine; Westbrook, Savannah; C-FFA; Roughcut; $800.00 8th Place Fryers; Nash, Harley; EC-4H; Leor Exploration; $300.00 9th Place Steer; Burchett, Ethan; G-FFA; Western Rubber; ت$2,900.00 9th Place Lamb; Perkins, Cory; G-FFA; Trinity Buyers Group; $600.00 9th Place Goat; Johnson, Hailey; G-FFA; Old Indian; $600.00 9th Place Swine; Layton, Randilyn; C-FFA; Billy Carlton $900.00 9th Place Fryers; Drake, Garrett; G-4H; Bennie Schiro; $350.00 10th Place Steer; Brooks, Rebecca; G-4H; Triple J Ranch; $3,400.00 10th Place Lamb; Carlton, Allison; C-4H; Billy Carlton $1,100.00 10th Place Goat; Hollingsworth, Mason; T-Jr FFA; Leor Exploration; $500.00 10th Place Swine; Brister, Andrew; C-4H; Lufkin Coca Cola; $850.00 10th Place Fryers; Vice, Kaylee; G-4H; Friday Buyers; $300.00 11th Place Steer; DeLaFosse, Chance; G-FFA; Wayne Arnold; $3,000.00 11th Place Lamb; Smith, Courtney; G-FFA; Old Indian; $650.00 11th Place Goat; Dial, Deanna; G-4H; Wayne Arnold; $700.00 11th Place Swine; Easterling, Darrell; C-FFA; Citizens State Bank; $750.00 11th Place Fryers; Tullos, Ethan; EC-4H; Leor Exploration; $450.00 12th Place Goat; Selman, Hayley; C-4H; Chuck Carter; $600.00 12th Place Swine; Yarbrough, Sam; G-FFA; Joey Rowe & Trinity Co Farm Bureau; $900.00 12th Place Fryers; Meshell, Chloe; G-4H; Wayne Arnold Steel Building; $450.00 13th Place Goat; Birkes, Sarah; T-FFA; Friday Buyers; ت$500.00 13th Place Swine; Antley, Hanna; G-FFA; Old Indian; $850.00 13th Place Fryers; Rosser, Kade; G-4H; Trinity Co. Farm Bureau; $450.00 14th Place Goat; Fairchild, Cody; G-FFA; Friday Buyers; $400.00 14th Place Swine; Fry, Lacer; EC-4H; Leor Exploration $900.00 14th Place Fryers; Ping, Dariann; C-4H; Centerville Buyers Group; $300.00 15th Place Goat; Hance, Trey; G-FFA; Friday Buyers; $500.00 15th Place Swine; Rowe, Macie; G-4H; Magnolia Creek; ت$1,500.00 15th Place Fryers; Grayson, Skylar; EC-4H; Leor Exploration; $325.00 16th Place Goat; Eaton, Eryn; T-Jr FFA; South Co. Buyers Group; $550.00 16th Place Swine; White, Reese; EC-4H; Wright GMC; $1,200.00 16th Place Fryers; Pillows, Lola; EC-4H; Friday Buyers; ت $300.00 17th Place Goat; Brooks, Trey; G-4H; Pennington Buyers; $500.00 17th Place Swine; Drake, Hydee; G-FFA; Lufkin Coca Cola; $900.00 17th Place Fryers; Kendrick, Davney; C-4H; Randall Fry Logging; $375.00 18th Place Goat; Turner, Tristan; EC-4H; Leor Exploration; $850.00 18th Place Swine; Durdin, Allyson; T Jr-FFA; Roughcut; $850.00 18th Place Fryers; Turner, Kathryn; EC-4H; Apple Springs Buyers Group; $400.00 19th Place Goat; Dial, Brianna; G-4H; Old Indian; $800.00 19th Place Swine; Allbright, Dakota; G-FFA; Old Indian; $850.00 19th Place Fryers; Watson, Mary; C-4H; Rogers Logging; $450.00 20th Place Goat; Eaton, Anthony; T-Jr FFA; South Co. Buyers Group; $550.00 20th Place Swine; Harrell, Sierra; G-FFA; Scott Thornton; $1,000.00 20th Place Fryers; Brister, Emily; C-4H; Lyons Propane; $425.00 21st Place Goat; Birkes, Connor; T-Jr FFA; Pennington Buyers; $550.00 21st Place Swine; Oliphant, JaVonte; T-FFA; Trinity Co. Farm Bureau; $950.00 21st Place Fryers; Villanueva, Logan; C-4H; Centerville Buyers Group; $350.00 22nd Place Goat; Eaton, Rebecca; T-FFA; Bennie Schiro; $700.00 22nd Place Swine; Blackstock, Brady; G-4H; Friday Buyers; $1,100.00 23rd Place Goat; Bullard, Cassie; G-FFA; Old Indian; $800.00 23rd Place Swine; Shotwell, Leeanna; G-FFA; Bob Shotwell; $950.00 24th Place Goat; Luce, Sean; G-FFA; NA; $0.00 24th Place Swine; Rowe, Eli; G-4H; Western Rubber; $1,100.00 25th Place Goat; Parker, Danielle; T-FFA; Trinity Buyers Group; $500.00 25th Place Swine; Hay, Parker; T Jr-FFA; Friday Buyers; $600.00 26th Place Swine; Rivers, Krystal; G-FFA; Chuck Carter; $950.00 27th Place Swine; Conner, Morgan; G-FFA; Martha Mericle; $1,000.00 28th Place Swine; Gabriel, Caleb; G-FFA; Alsbrooks Construction; $1,050.00 29th Place Swine; Scroggins, Jacob; G-FFA; Western Rubber; $900.00 30th Place Swine; Welker, Marcus; C-FFA; Friday Buyers; $750.00 31st Place Swine; Eichman, Loren; AS-FFA; Mike Morrison; $1,000.00 32nd Place Swine; Thomas, Gary; EC-4H; Leor Exploration; $850.00 33rd Place Swine; Conner, Brantley; G-FFA; Pennington Buyers; $1,050.00 34th Place Swine; McKinney, Austin; G-4H; Friday Buyers; $1,050.00 35th Place Swine; Porter, Payton; C Jr-FFA; Pennington Buyers; $1,175.00 36th Place Swine; Bogs, Sierrah; T Jr-FFA; Trinity Buyers Group; $1,050.00 37th Place Swine; Durdin, Ethan; T-FFA; Chuck Carter; $800.00 38th Place Swine; Westbrook, Coy; C-FFA; Powledge Septic; $1,050.00 39th Place Swine; Bentley, Logan; C-4H; Friday Buyers; ت $900.00 40th Place Swine; Lee, Hayden; G-4H; Friday Buyers; $1,400.00 41st Place Swine; Reynolds, Tuff G-4H Friday Buyers $1,000.00 42nd Place Swine; Blair, Chase G-4H Friday Buyers $1,050.00 43rd Place Swine; Bentley, Regan C-4H Chuck Carter $900.00 44th Place Swine; Blalock, Chase C-FFA Groveton Funeral Home $950.00 45th Place Swine; Nunley, Logan G-4H Friday Buyers $900.00 46th Place Swine; Ordaz, Peyton G-4H Friday Buyers $1,000.00 47th Place Swine; Lowery, Whitney G-FFA Pennington Buyers $1,250.00 48th Place Swine;تLichnerowicz, Sarah T Jr-FFA Lake View Ranch $1,800.00 49th Place Swine; Hajovsky, Lane G-4H Shaw Butane $1,250.00 50th Place Swine; Lane, Kolby T-FFA Trinity Buyers Group$1,150.00 51st Place Swine; Linton, Courtney C-FFA Friday Buyers $900.00 52nd Place Swine; Soria, Jr., Manuel T-FFA Roughcut $900.00 53rd Place Swine; Forrest, Clayton EC-4H Trinity Buyers Group $950.00 54th Place Swine; Byrd, Savanna G-FFA, Friday Buyers $1,075.00 55th Place Swine; Marr, Justin C-FFA Powledge Septic $1,000.00 56th Place Swine; Forrest, Saige EC-4H Trinity Buyers Group $850.00 57th Place Swine; Parish, Austin G-FFA Old Indian$1,050.00 Sweetheart Cakes Apple Springs FFA, Mikayla Davidson Melissa, Morrison/ Terri Tullos $400.00 Centerville FFA Sydney Perkins, Anthony Commiato $475.00 Groveton FFA Demi Moore, Chesni Due, Courtney Shotwell Chuck and Emily Carter $400.00 Trinity FFA Rebecca EatonJohn and Mary Ann Dalton $400.00 Trinity County 4H Brianna Dial, Deanna Dial, Lynsey Fry, Addyson HartTerri Tullos/ Melissa Morrison ت$400.00


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