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CETRZ grant finalized projects to begin soon
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GROVETON — The CETRZ grant is being finalized and the first projects should start around June. Commissioners have decided to split the monies in the manner they have always done, leaving Precinct 2 Commissioner with $5,000 extra in administration fees for the time and effort Chamberlin put into the grants. Precinct one, will receive 20% - $52,634; Precinct 2, will receive 10% + $5,000 - $25,243; Precinct three, will receive 23% - $46,561; and Precinct four, will receive 41% - $83,000. The total distribution of monies to the county was $207,438. So far, Precinct four has several projects lined out including: New Church Loop, Deaton Road, Helmet and North Scrub Road. Precinct three has one project on the list: Glendale Holly Road. Precinct two also has one project on the list: Winding Creek Road. Precinct one has two projects on the list including: Piney Creek Road, Camp Branch Road and Barrett Road. More projects could be made if funding allows for it. The county must match 10% of the costs to utilize the grant monies. Additional projects could be made if the engineer in charge of the grant approves them. County Judge, Doug Page, added the purchase of two park benches to the agenda at the commissioner's court meeting, May 12. Mainly highlighting the attractiveness the benches will have, commissioners asked if people who smoke are to benefit from them. Naturally, people who smoke would like to take their break sitting down. The benches will be located behind the courthouse in the 'yard' area with nothing covering them. Since the benches will be made of metal the rain should not damage them. Joe Bell, reminded the court that any improvements or changes must be approved by the Texas Historical Commission, Page noted that he requested and received approval some time back. The benches will be bought from Texas Correctional Industries, Metal Fabrication Division, for $600 a piece, plus a $50 charge for delivery. Public Forum At the commissioner's court meeting on Monday, May 12, Jack Mitchell of Pinecrest Subdivision was present to be heard. Concerned with the spelling of Holly Lane, the 911 maps spelled this road Holley Lane. It makes for confusion when packages are to be delivered, with GPS sending most people to Holly Trail, located in Harbor Point. Mainly wanting the spelling corrected, commissioners have been down this 'road' before, stating that it may not make much difference and changing the name in general to a name that is uncommon in Trinity County might be best. Commissioners will hear more on the subject after people of the Pinecrest Subdivision come to an agreement on what step to take. In other news Monthly reports of April from the JP's and Constables 1-4, County and District Clerk's Offices, Attorney, Sheriff, Tax Assessor, Veteran's Service Officer, Extension Agent and Treasurer were heard. So far, we are JP for Precinct one has collected $6,115; JP for Precinct two collected; $3,087; JP for Precinct three collected $3,437; and JP for Precinct four collected $2,439. The Sheriff collected $2,048, the County Clerk collected $21,500 plus an additional $4,000 from Oil & Gas Leases and the District Clerk has collected $10,850. The Tax Assessor has collected $172,191, Trinity County is 58% into the Budget Year, collecting so far 96% taxes for the year. Good news was reported from the Sheriff's office stating there are 27 inmates at the Trinity County Jail to-date, the garden was really the subject. The inmates have been working their own garden this year, coming along nicely, they hope to send any additional vegetables to the Senior Center. They eat the fruits of their labor, of course, but can these vegetables as well. Sheriff Wallace started the garden when he took office in hopes that the food produced will help supplement the extra costs of the inmates. Most of the inmates have never worked a garden before, so they are receiving much more nourishment than food.


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