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TISD eyes new HVAC system
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TRINITY — Trinity Independent School District (TISD) will be soliciting proposals for a new HVAC system and some upgrades to the building's systems to help with energy efficiency. During the school board meeting held on May 19, the TISD Board of Trustees voted to hear proposals on the current problems the three buildings have. Director of Student Services, Gill Campbell, brought a company out to inspect the problems TISD faces. Jared McCurley, speaking for Entegral Solutions, an energy efficient based design-build company, showed Campbell some of the problems and gave solutions to those problems. Lansberry Elementary has some key issues including leaks in the roof, which is not uncommon for the age of the roof. Even still, the main worry is mold. The leaks are situated right above the offices in the building and are not running into the ceiling, therefore, the staff and faculty were unaware of the problem. The roof has been patched a few times, but needs some permanent work. Smaller problems like the HVAC systems were touched on. The units in the older parts of the building are 12-year-old systems that are doing well, but will need to be upgraded soon. The Middle School campus has minor suggestions, mainly trying to be more energy efficient. Going back to the HVAC systems in their discussions, McCurley showed where the campus had a very good and up-to-date Energy Management System (E.M.S) but made mention to the metal halides in the gym. They were not quite energy efficient and caused more heat than needed. The High School Campus had more than a few suggestions. Also talking about the HVAC systems, McCurley touched on more than those, he showed where the E.M.S. systems at the High School were obsolete and couldn't even be updated. This could be cause for serious future problems. The System, at this point, doesn't turn off and on properly, leaving the system off when necessary and on when unnecessary. Mainly pointing out the waste of energy it is also a problem since the alarm system works off of that as well. McCurley made mention to the T-5 lights the high school still had and suggested new LED lighting. He also suggested a Centralized Access System like the one Lansberry has for the other campuses. Speaking security, the system allows for a lock-down at the push of a button and will immediately have authorities on route. The suggestions made to board members would render TISD with 18% more efficiency per year, with a savings of up to $41,000, the cost of construction could be paid for in just a few short years, depending on how much of the construction recommended is approved. McCurley stated that the grounds and structures of all three campuses have been maintained very well. Because of this TISD is very efficient, even more so than neighboring School Districts that have more students, faculty, and a larger budget. McCurely made not that his company is a Design/Build company, so all the phases of construction can go through one company and the budget could too. This allows for less confusion in the different aspects of the job. Standing by McCurley's side was Christian Frandsen from the Texas Association of School Boards, to give recommendation to Entegral Solutions. Once the proposal has been accepted and approved, by which ever company is accepted, a budget will be formed. Student Services Report Gill Campbell, Student Services Director for TISD, gave her monthly report at the board meeting. The new vendor for food services spent a day at Lansberry to see if any new equipment was needed and to get started on a meal plan for next school year. Already brainstorming for next year's program they did conclude that all the equipment in the cafeteria was more than adequate for their services. The maintenance crews will be hard at work come summer time, painting the walls of the middle school campus, looking for any repairs that are needed and getting ready to deep clean all campuses. Seven bus drivers will be getting re-certified this summer their class will begin in June. Two bus routes are planned for summer school and tutoring. Technology Report Barry Coleman, Technology director for TISD, gave his technology report for the month. That day, May 19, was the recall of student devices handed out in the beginning of the year. Coleman is applying for a Tech grant that, if granted and disbursed to TISD, he will be allowed some upgrades throughout the campuses. Looking to gain some CromeBooks and iPads, he is also hoping for more WiFi hotspots. If he is allowed the grant he might gain up to 20 additional hotspots for WiFi connection and two years of unlimited services. Whether the TISD is awarded the grant or not, they will still need to gain more iPads for next school year. During the meeting five new teachers were hired for the 2014-2015 school year. Jenny Hurst, Elementary Fine Arts; Jennifer Walters, Eighth grade English; Michael Schroeder, Special Education for Trinity High School; Katherine Ault, Spanish and Coach and Trinity High School; and Cynthia Johnson, Trinity High School Agriculture.


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